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Quickly and healthy around the city

• How do I borrow a city bike?
Your user card is the key to the bike stands and you need to find a city bike stand to get a bike. Follow the instructions on the user panel - at the end of the stand (on the column) and place your card in front of the card reader. Follow the instructions on the screen. A bike will be assigned to you, go ahead and lift the assigned bike out of the bike stand. Should you, for any reason, NOT lift the bike out of the stand, it will automatically lock itself back onto the stand after 30 seconds, and you will have to start the operation over again - if you wish to obtain a bike.
• How do I return a city bike after use?
You return the bike to any functioning city bike stand. Place your bike onto an available bike slot in the bike stand. Stay with your city for a few seconds to make sure it is registered as returned. When registered you will see the light by the lock change from green to a blinking red/green and then permanent green again. Check that the bike is locked onto the stand. You are responsible for the city bike until it is correctly returned to an operational city bike stand.
• For how long can I use a city bike?

The city bikes are meant to be accessible to all, and the loan period is limited. You must return the city bike to one of the city bike stands within a three hour loan period. You can, however, immediately obtain a new bike after your first loan period. Should you not return the bike within the three hour loan period, you get a “fault point” added to your user card. If you get three “fault points”, your user card will be cancelled. If this should occur, please contact our service phone: 815 00 250 (during office hours). Card will be blocked automatically (without penalties) if the bike is returned after more than 24 hours.
• When are the city bike stands open?
The city bike stands are open between 6am and 12 midnight, closed for use during the night - but you can return a city bike at any hour. The bike stands might be closed during the winter season or while undergoing maintenance.
• What happens if I obtain a city bike that is damaged?
If the bike you obtain is damaged it should not be used. Please return it into the same slot as you took it from immediately. Find yourself a new bike by using your card again (the bike stand will make sure you get a different bike).
• What happens if I damage a city bike?
We understand that a bike can be damaged by accident. Should this occur, we would like to hear from you. You are not responsible for the city bike if an accident occurs or for regular wear and tear. But we do hope you are treating the bike in a considerate manner to prevent damages. By doing this you also help the next user to enjoy the bike.
• How long is my subscription period?
Your subscription is valid all through the calendar year of purchase, regardless of what month your purchase took place. Please keep your subscription card after ended season. The same card will be used for your next subscription period, and your subscription will run until you cancel it. You renew your subscription when paying your subscription fee for the upcoming period/ season.
• Where do I find the city bike stands?
For an updated list of locations, see our map on www.bysykler.no. You can also download our  free application for iPhone or Android: Clear Channel Bysykkel.
• What do I do if the city bike stand is full or empty?
Occasionally, a bike stand will fill up or empty out. In such cases, the bike stand automatically sends a message to our service personnel. Should you find a full or empty bike stand, please find another city bike stand near by. Do not leave the bike unlocked.
• Why is advertising displayed on the bikes and stands?
Oslo Bysykkel is financed by advertising. The municipalities of Oslo do not pay for Oslo Bysykkel. Oslo Bysykkel is owned and operated by Clear Channel AS.
• How many bikes can I borrow?
Just one bike at a time. If you need more bikes, we recommend you get more subscriptions. For instance, one for each member of your family. The bike should be used by one user only.
• Can people under 18 use the city bikes?
To subscribe, you need to be of age 18 or older. If you choose to let someone else use your subscription, you will be held responsible for the use of your subscription

  • Can I use the bike wherever I want to?
The city bikes should not be used outside the city area, in the woods or off-road. It is not allowed to bring a city bike outside of Oslo.
Any questions? Contact our service phone: 815 00 250 (weekdays between 8 am-6 pm) or send us an email: bysykkel@clearchannel.no