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This is how it works:

Opening hours
Our city bike stands are open for hiring Monday–Sunday from 6am to 24pm, but you can return your bike at any time.

Retrieving your city bike
You can use your city bike card at any of our Oslo City bike stands. Simply hold your card against the card reader located at one end of the stand. Information will be displayed on the monitor and you will be allocated a city bike. Lift the bike out of the stand. If you would receive a bike that needs service, put it back in the same slot as you took it from and then hold your card against the reader again and you will be allocated with another bike.

Returning your city bike

Return your bike at any of our Oslo City bike stands. Lift the bike into an empty slot with green light. The light should then go from green to a blinking red/green and then become permanent green again. If after a few seconds the light turns red or continue to blink red/green, try another slot or call our customer service. Please note that slots with a blinking red/green light are out of order.
Duration of city bike hires

City bikes can be hired for up to three hours at a time. If you require a bike for a longer period, you need to return the bike on time and retrieve a new one for additional three hours. For late delivery of the bike the card will be charged with a penalty. If this happens three times your card will be blocked. This also happens if you have the same bike for more than 24 hours. To unblock your card, please contact our customer service.

Maintenance of city bikes

We have our own service team that works around the clock to fill up and empty the stands. They also look after the bikes, making sure that they are ready for use whenever you need them. If you, however, would receive an unusable bike, please put it back in the same slot as you took it from which will signal that the bike needs service.

Full or empty bike stands

If you reach a full/empty bike stand you can find the closest stands with bikes or empty slots, simply by holding your card against the card reader located at the end of the stand.

Damaged bikes

Accidents happen. Contact our customer service if your bike is becoming unusable during your ride.Please look after the bike and consider others so that damage can be prevented. This also contributes to pleasant rides for those using the service after you.

Have a pleasant ride!