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What is Oslo City bike


What is Oslo City bike? 

Oslo City bike is a collaboration between Clear Channel Norway AS and the City of Oslo. Oslo City bikes should be available for anyone who wishes to use the bike system. The City bike system is funded by advertising and because of that the establishment and the operation do not cost anything for the City of Oslo. Advertising on the bikes and on the stands shall provide the necessary revenues to solve the tasks required.

This year Oslo City bikes are experiencing a record increase in the number of subscribers and the use of bicycles! That is something we are very happy about and it only shows how great the cycling interest are among Oslo's citizens. Thanks to you who contribute to a well local environment.

Number of stands and city bikes are unfortunately not designed for such a success in the long run without extending with larger stands and more stands/bikes, and many people experience periods of difficulty with full or empty stands and difficulties to put down or pick out bikes. Due to laws and regulations for procurement by tender, we have no right to increase the number of stands and bikes before the next City Bike tenders take effect from season 2015. To overcome the disadvantages of empty/full stands the City Bike scheme in the last year extended the arrangement with several locks and bikes.

In addition, we extended an additional service car for ongoing moving of bicycles, so a total of 5 cars are out all day from morning to afternoon, while 4 cars are out to 24.00 to fill up the bikes in the stands we know, by experience, will be very sought in connection with the morning rush hour.

Our service people have very good knowledge of which stands are in need of bicycles at any time of the day, so we believe that the additional service car will help to increase the availability of bikes.

We can anyway not guarantee that you not will encounter situations where you meet completely full or empty stands and therefor to those who experience this we ask for your patience and understanding for any inconvenience this may cause you as a user.

If you come to a bikestand where the stands are empty or full, remember that you can put the card to the cardreader on the stand and on the screen you get information about the nearest available bikestand, or the nearest stand with bikes.

Wish you many good cycling days!