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Are you a member of SLF?


If you received a card last year, registered as SLF, it has automatically been registered as payed for this year.

If you have a card already, not registered as SLF, please contact us and we will add it as paid.  

If your are not registered with a city bike card already, you can do your registration here. Please type -SLF after your last name.
Once the terms and conditions have been read and accepted, press the "go ahead". Take  good care of the email that we will send you, you will need it when you have received the card. - You should not continue to step 2.

Send us an email when you have done this, and we will send you the card by mail.
If you choose our phone solution you do not need to send us an email. (NOTE! because of an external supplier, there will be an additional charge of NOK 35,-)

The member register of SLF will be checked after ended season and if it turns out you are not a member we will charge you for the subscription fee, which for the season of 2013 is NOK 100,-.