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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions for Oslo Bysykkel

The municipalities of Oslo and Clear Channel Norway are working together with the Oslo Bysykkel arrangement.
Prior to become a user of the city bikes, you have to sign a subscription agreement with Clear Channel

To obtain a subscription, you have to agree with the following terms:

1. It is your responsibility to use the city bike in a careful manner and to follow traffic
regulations. It is your own responsibility if you cause injury to yourself or others while using the city bike.

2. You are personally responsible for the user card and for the city bike. Please do not lend your card or bike to others,
you will be responsible for the use of the card. If your card is lost or stolen, please contact our
service phone: (815 00 250), or notify us by email: bysykkel@clearchannel.no. If you fail to notify us in a
timely manner, you will be held responsible for any misuse of the card. Replacement card costs NOK 50,- extra.

3. The bikes are in good condition when placed into the stands by our maintenance crew, and are regularly
looked after. However, the bike could have been damaged by someone using it before you, - If you notice
any damage on the city bike you are about to use, please notify the service phone. You are personally responsible
for making sure that the bike you are about to use is in good condition. Notifying the service team
will help to avoid misunderstandings, and you are helping us maintaining the bikes in good condition.

4. The loan period of a city bike shall not exceed three hours. If you fail to return a city bike in time and this continues
to happen several times, Clear Channel reserves the right to cancel your subscription on a permanent basis.

5. The city bike shall not be used outside the central areas of the city, in the woods or in
  unmanageable terrain. You are not allowed to bring the city bike outside the city limits of Oslo.

6. If you park the bike outside a designated city bike stand, the responsibility will be yours alone. If the bike
gets stolen, you will be held responsible and you must immediately notify Clear Channel. You are also
obligated to cooperate with Clear Channel in the fill in of a police report if necessary.

You must return the bike to one of the designated city bike stands for Oslo Bysykkel. Upon returning the
bike, you must make sure it is returned and locked in the correct manner. The light by the lock on the stand
shall turn from green to a blinking red/green and then to permanent green, and then you must make sure
the bike is locked. If you fail to return a bike in the correct manner, you may be held responsible for the bike in case it gets stolen.

8. If you fail to follow the terms for the Oslo Bysykkel arrangement, causing the bike to be damaged or
stolen, Clear Channel will claim compensation for the bike. The value of the bike is in 2014 NOK 3.400 including
taxes. The amount shall be paid to Clear Channel AS.
Please help us in maintaining a good city bike service.

When subscribing for the city bike card these are the following conditions regarding storage and processing of personal data:
All registration and processing of personal information regarding you, according to the terms of subscription, are subject to the provisions of the Personal Data Act. Data owner is:
Clear Channel Norway AS
Postbox 467 Sentrum
0105 Oslo
Service phone: 815 00 250
You have in accordance with the Personal Data Act, the right to be informed about what personal information about you that is detected and treated, and are also obliged to rectification and/or deletion of incorrect information. You also have the rights to withdraw your approval of processing personal information at any time, but it will be enforced only when certain information no longer is necessary to carry out the contractual termination of the subscription. 
Clear Channel Norway AS (Clear Channel) will store the customer information regarding you, provided by you in the registration form. This information will be stored as long as the subscription ratio is established.
 This information is used in managing the customer relationship and to develop the city bike service in the best possible way for subscribers. This information may be shared with third parties working with Clear Channel for implementing and/or developing the city bike service or other services.
In addition, information regarding time and place for loan and delivery of the bikes will be stored and registered according to the terms and conditions. This information will be stored for a maximum of 12 months, aside from situations when it is necessary to store them longer to help monitor the loss of, and damage to the bike. 

Have a nice ride!